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the BROOKLYN BANYA experience

relaxation area

A dimly lit setting with big comfortable chairs your own private tables to sit on and just chill; grab a drink or have a bite to eat or just relax during your stay at Brooklyn Banya


Our pool is perfect for a cold water dunk after all that heat,  what can feel better and more refreshing than that?

Dry sauna

Our dry sauna is custom built, it's designed to radiate heat over 200 degrees, heated by 4,000 tons of river rock, its penetrating heat will make you sweat- detox - renew- revive.

wet sauna

A very unique sauna which has the same 200 degrees radiating heat as the dry sauna, heated by 3,000 tons of river rock. If you get a bit too hot, just take a bucket, fill it up from one of the  cold water spikets and cool yourself off. I dare you!


 An in -ground oasis kept at a perfect temperature of 104 degrees, where you'll just melt under the hydro jets that will massage your back, Ahhh heaven!

Steam room

Relax and enjoy our custom designed aroma infused steam room
with steam so thick, it's like sitting in a cloud!

Dry Sauna
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